Who I Am…Paula Stahel

Paula StahelMy writing career began in 1980, for newspapers and magazines, and within a few years I became an independent writer and editor.  In the late 1990s I expanded my services to include preserving life stories, as a result of creating a massive memory book for my parents’ 50th anniversary. The impact it had on everyone was astounding. Since then, I’ve helped scores of people discover the joy of capturing their life stories—for themselves, for their families, and for posterity.

I also edit, ghostwrite, and collaborate with other authors, helping them develop and polish works for commercial and self-published projects, both non-fiction and fiction. Professionals often turn to me for collaboration—editing or ghostwriting—with articles and books for “back-of-the-room” sale.

For those looking to publish works for private or personal use, I work with a talented team of cover and book designers, to deliver everything you need, from the blank page to polished product.

While books are my specialty, I also have extensive experience recording and editing audio histories and partnering with videographers.

Passionate about how personal history benefits ourselves, our families, and our communities, I often am a featured speaker at programs and conferences around the country.

Giving back to my own community is important, too, so for more than a decade I taught at Tampa’s Life Enrichment Center, helping others learn to write their own stories well. For several years I served on its board of trustees, and chaired the group. I am particularly proud that an anthology of my students’ stories, titled Pages of My Life, was published and became a required text at the Univ. of S. Florida’s School of Aging Studies.

I am past president of the Association of Personal Historians Inc., an international organization, and am a member of the International Institute of Life Review and Reminiscence, which fosters the interdisciplinary field of study in the areas of practice, research, education, volunteer, and individual application.

As an expert in my field, I’ve been interviewed often by the media, including Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Philadelphia Enquirer, St. Petersburg Times, and many other print and broadcast sources.

I’m ready and able to help with all of your writing needs.

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