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Listen Up by Paula StahelListen Up! The Art of Interviewing for Personal History

Do you ask questions or do you conduct interviews? There is a difference. And the difference means all the difference. One gets you answers, the other gets you stories. While written specifically for people interviewing others about their life stories, anyone conducting interviews of any type will learn a great deal that results in a better outcome. Published Nov. 2013, $15.95 US. plus $3.50 shipping & handling. Florida residents, add $1.12 sales tax.

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Pages of My LifePages of My Life Anthology

Over the years, mature adults who’ve taken my writing classes at the Life Enrichment Center in Tampa have produced outstanding stories from their lifes. What’s even more amazing is that very few had ever put pen to paper before taking the classes. This anthology gathers thirty-one stories filled with life, love, laughter, sadness, hope, and wisdom, all revealing fascinating individual experiences that are truly universal. I’m especially proud to note that the work is a required text for students at the University of South Florida’s School of Aging Studies. Published Dec. 2012, $12.95. US. plus $3.50 shipping & handling. Florida residents, add $ .90 sales tax.

My Words Are Gonna LingerMy Words Are Gonna Linger—The Art of Personal History

An anthology of stories written by members of the Association of Personal Historians, their clients, or their students, this book shows the variety of ways life stories and life lessons can be preserved. I am proud to have had two stories of mine chosen for inclusion, and also proud to note the book was published during my tenure as president of this outstanding international association.

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