What Would You Like?

Your legacy can be preserved in a wide choice of formats. Each project is designed to meet your specific ideas and budget. To learn more about how I can help, just click on the items below. Then contact me for a free initial consultation on how I can help you achieve your goal.

Editing, Collaboration & GhostwritingEditing, Collaboration & Publishing

If you’ve written a book or have one that needs to be written …


book publishing and editingBooks

From slender soft-bound chapbooks, coil-bound family legacy cookbooks, to leather-bound volumes rich in stories and pictures, your book will be a prized heirloom.

audio-visualAudio & Video

There’s something so touching when we hear stories in our loved ones’ own voices.


speaker-paulaClasses, Workshops & Seminars

Have fun, make new friends, and—oh, yeah, learn a lot, too!


speakerNeed a dynamic speaker?

Let me make your meeting or event memorable with a unique and compelling program.