book publishing and editingWriting and publishing a book takes time and attention to many details. Investing in those details is well worth your effort, as you’ll reap rewards long into the future.

Every project I take on starts with a careful, in-depth consultation to determine your goal and how best to achieve it. For personal histories, ghostwritten books, or collaborative works, we sit down together for a set of private interviews conducted in a comfortable setting, such as your home or office. Each interview is recorded digitally, transcribed, and edited.

Editing may be as light as cleaning up the transcript or doing an extensive restructuring into a full narrative, complete with added research. You’ll be involved every step of the way. Once you approve the manuscript, your book will be designed, printed, and bound.

Because each book is as unique as its subject, pricing is determined by a number of factors. A simple work might cost as little as four figures, whereas a top-of-the-line project can require an investment in the mid to upper five figures. However much you choose to invest, the return on that investment will be worth it, with a book you will be proud carries your name.